Who hasn't heard of Ratnagiri, famed for its alphonso mangoes, this small town is an unexpected starting point to discover the landscape, art, culture and history of Maharashtra. There are many a place that you can visit in Ratnagiri from seaforts museums to palaces .
The Ratnagiri port, famously known as Mandvi was built to welcome the queen of England. It is about 2 kms. away from the city. It is the most scenic beach of Ratnagiri. Flanked on the west by the Ratnadurg fort, sea to its South and an extensive shoreline stretching right up to the Rajiwada por
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Ganpatipule Beaches

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Around Ratnagiri

Read more about the historic town Ratnagiri
Ganpatipule Temples

For pictures of the Ganpati and other temples
to its South and an extensive shoreline stretching right up to the Rajiwada port. Ratnadurg fort: This fort is on a hill near the coast line surrounded on three sides by the sea. The Bhageshwar Temple and the Maruthi Temple is on the way to the fort. The lighthouse is to the west of the Ratnadurg Fort.  Bhatiye : 2 Kms away from Ratnagiri city on the way to Pawas is Bhatiye beach near the Bhatiye creek. Commonly known as Suruban, this beach has its share of regular picnickers who come here. Rajiwada The jetty
jetty on the Bhatiye creek is the Rajiwada port. One has to cross this to go to Pawas, either by boat or over the Bhatiye bridge.
Thibaw Palace built for the exiled Burmese king and the Thibaw point is a place that you shouldn't miss while in Ratnagiri. With vast clear skies, the never-ending sea, and the lovely Bhatiye across the spanning waters its a beautiful spot. Other places that you could visit in Ratnagiri are Tilak Memorial, Bhagawati Bandar, Patitpavan Temple, Poornagad, Pawas.