The virgin beaches of Ganapatipule is not the only reason that beckons people to come here for their holidays. Ganpatipule is also a pilgrim centre with the fascinating Paschim Dwar Devta - the Ganpati Temple. The Swayambhu Ganapati Temple is the main attraction of the quaint, serene village apart from the sparkling sea and the serene Ganpatipule beach. Many relgious devotees come here to pay homage to Lord Ganpati who holds a lot of significance in Hindu Mythology
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Karhateshwar Devasthan is about 8 Kilometers from Arnav Beach Resort. This temple was built during the regime of Shilaharas. This Shiva temple near Nandivade beach is certainly not a architectural marvel but draws many a Shiva worshipers. The Nandivade beach near the temple is worth a visit.
Lakshmi Keshav temple in Kolisare, is a beautifully built temple which has been recently renovated. Legend has it that during the Mughal regime the idol was kept hidden in the Rankala tank in Kolhapur to protect it from
idol was kept hidden in the Rankala tank in Kolhapur to protect it from being destroyed. While the idol was being brought back to be reinstated in its orginal place the idol grew so heavy while it was at Kolisare that it turned impossible to move it from there and thus the Lakhmikeshav temple was built at Kolisare. The idol is five feet in height with four hands holding conch (Shankh) chakra, Gada, Padma (lotus flower), on its right is an eagle and to the Left Laxmi and Vijay.