Ganpatipule beach is one of the most beautiful beaches amongst the Konkan beaches. With white sand and the beautiful Ganpati Temple the place has a soothing feel of tranquility to it. The affable elephant god Ganpati, has truely chosen one of the most gifted spots in the konkan stretch. Safely tucked away from the blaring noises of traffic and the ruthless pace of everyday city life, Ganpatipule beach, offers a welcome break for the city dweller. With pristine beaches intermittently dotting the
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ganpatipule Beach
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shoreline stretching from Jaigad to Ratnagiri, Ganpatipule certainly is a haven for the beach lover.
Other than the main Ganpatipule beach there are many other beaches near by. The twin beaches of Aare and Ware is just about a few kilometers from the Ganpatipule temple near Bhandarpule. The Aare - Ware point offers a awe inspiring view of the vast expanse of the sea. With turquoise blue water all around you, the Aare - Waare point is nice place to sit and watch
watch the sun go down. The Malgund beach is about four kilometers from Ganpatipule temple on the way to Jaigad and is quite close to Arnav Beach Resort. Right in front of Arnav beach resort there is another stretch of beach and with no other resorts nearby this stretch is almost a private beach for Arnav Beach Resort. The secluded pristine beach makes Arnav Beach resort a romantic hideaway where you can go for long walks in the morning or take a dip in the ocean undisturbed.